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Power divider



A 0° power divider splits an input signal into two or more output signals which are theoretically equal in both amplitude and phase. AMD-GROUP offers a complete line of these 0° dividers. Readily available are 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 & 32-way splits which cover various frequency bands up to 18 GHz.

Power dividers can also be used as power combiners. However, input signals which are to be combined must be of equal phase & amplitude and the sum port must be well matched to receive optimum performance. Deviations in phase or amplitude of the input signals will result in an increase in loss while a bad match on the sum port will decrease port to port isolation as well as increase loss.


Insertion Loss
Insertion loss is the difference in power between the input signal and the output signal above the theoretical split loss.
Amplitude Balance
The maximum difference in power level between any two output signals.
Phase Balance
The maximum phase difference in degrees between any two output signals.
The isolation is used to define the amount of output port to port crosstalk. It is the level of attenuation of a signal injected into an output port as seen at any other output port with the input terminated in 50 ohms.

The VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) at any given port (with all other ports terminated) defines the degree of mismatch between the input signal and the input port and thus is a measure of the loss of input signal at that port.

Theoretical Splitting Loss
The table on the following page lists the theoretical insertion loss, or theoretical difference between the input level of a power divider.
Number of output
Theorical insertion Loss dB

 Power divider - PD2

Power divider - PD4

Power dividier - PD6

 Power divider - PD8

Power divider - PD12

Power dividier - PD16


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